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« on: May 01, 2011, 05:12:25 PM »
I found the old Tool Talk in late August 2010. I'm 72, married 48 years to Donna, and am retired and live in Gun Barrel City, TEXAS.
I was born in Dallas,Texas, schooled in all of the Highland Park schools, and followed my father and Grandfather to Texas A&M. Graduated BSME and MSCE Class of 1960.
A&M being all male and military, I received my 2nd Lt bars "Infantry" and sent immediately to Ft. Benning where I went thru Ranger school, then to Ft Campbell for jump school, then to Honduras for the "College of the Americas" interrogation", and 'pacification" training.
Then to Ft. McDill where the "1st of the 700 Advisers" Special Forces, MACV, were assembled and bivouacked,, awaiting orders to Vietnam from President Kennedy and Robert McNamara.
I served 2 tours in the Vietnam "pacification" and elimination of Viet Cong hamlet chieftains.
I found my solace in the cleaning of the tunnel networks in my zone of responsibility.
I resigned my US ARMY Captain commission in 1965, got married, and stayed with the US Govt and went to Quantico for Law Enforcement Academy for Federal Officers.
I served 35 years as a Deputy US Marshal , and a Federal Ranger with the NPS and the USFS, armed uniformed duty. Yeah, Sam Brown harness and Campaign hat. Even on horseback
In my duty, I have lost all my teeth in a 1965 riot, broken my back, 3 spinal cord re-builds, shoulders re-built. Had a heart surgery 2008, aortic valve replacement.
Texas, with my wife of 47 years, is the only place for me.
I'm rural, and won't put up with any of that racial beat-downs going on in the cities.

I grew up with tools. Taught to use them "correctly", at a very early age.
 Worked my whole life using them and even teaching many how to use them effectively.
I find great satisfaction in my time learning from all of you on TOOL TALK.
I thank Noel for giving me a place to learn, relax, and get correct answers from all of you who comment.
Thanks for helping this old guy.
Molon Labe

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Re: mrchuck
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Mr. Chuck, You are what I call a real american "badass" and I thank you for your service!
Me and the Dog don't miss no meals!