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Unusual huge adzes
« on: August 26, 2022, 12:47:52 PM »

     Hello all.   I wonder if anyone might know where these came from or what they were used for, I got them from a Flea market here in Southern Spain from a stall that had many foreign looking objects, the vendor didn't know the origin.
      As can be seen they are big, the largest measuring 15" from hammer to edge with a 6~1/4" edge.   They also have round eyes & not the more recent square "adze" eyes.

     I fitted straight handles to them & it became apparent that with straight handles they wouldn't work between the legs like the usual Ships adze but feel good if a little heavy used in an upright position as if to take shavings off something vertical with the weight doing the work,  the side of a wooden boat I wonder?

   One has B.A stamped on it three times the other illegible.  Estwing hammer for scale.
   I really like these adzes, if nothing else for the size alone but would love to know more about them, anyone seen any like these before?