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Skil Drill with strange handle

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New to the group her and my first post. I recently purchased a Skil Drill model 80 1/2” 115 volt 4.5 amp 459 rpm with a D handle and another handle on the top. The upper handle has 2 bits of information on it; Pressure Handle Co., Wilkes-Barre PA, Model G and Ingersoll Rand Power Feed cat. No. R55. I will post pictures tomorrow. Does anyone know anything about this drill and handle?

Sorry it took me a while to get the photos to the right size to post!

Hi Glen, welcome to the site. Would eally like to se a couple pictures from a distance showing the whole drill and handles.

What Dan said +1

Not sure what happened with the full drill picture. I see it but it’s tiny and terrible! I’ll repost it.


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