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Skil Drill with strange handle

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Here is the whole drill.

When I resize from 3m to get to less than 250kb, 640 by 480 seems to work, many time 800 by 600 is just a little too big.
It looks like the  topside handle says "power feed" never seen that before on a hand drill. Interesting !

I used to have a drill just like that, but the top handle was just a piece of pipe. Watch the torque on that drill, I was thrown 5 ft. and both handles broken off when the bit grabbed.

That tool is a beast!! i'm guessing an Industrial application, with the Ingersoll Rand attachment being aftermarket. Thanks for posting!!

It cost me a whole $10 at a flea market and runs like a champ. You’re right about the torque too! I’ll try to post a link to a video showing me taking off the power feed handle. I have no clue what it does but as you rotate it, an inner wheel rotates.


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