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Ohio Cultivator wrenchs
« on: November 19, 2011, 06:28:00 PM »
 Started to inventory my wrenchs this afternoon. Have already found several duplicates which gets to heart of this post.
Have two M625 Famous Ohio wrenchs which appear identical except some dim bulb painted one aluminum,but I notice right after the part no is a impressed symbol. Kinda looks like an (M) with a (p) attached and a reversed (P) attached to the front side of the (M).
Can't connect this to Ohio Cultivator but stranger still they have a small numeral following the symbol and they are not the same. One has a 3 following the symbol and the other has a 7 following the symbol.
Also have a J276 Famous Ohio wrench and it does not have this symbol. All it got is a small z stamped on reverse side. This is pretty straight forward wrench but the 625's have me puzzled.
 Can some kind soul explain their numbering system?
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