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 Hi all,

Just learning about how they make my famous unable to find PWA 3267 socket. It's for a 24 spline nut, and I was curious how it was made.

Turns out there's a machining process called broaching, which cuts the inside of a tool steel blank. Anyone here ever do anything like that? Just curious

Best, John

Broaching was the method that moved socket design from the old way like Mossberg and others.

I make square holes in steel pegs! made my own Pullmax collets. Plus have broached a number of keyways in bead roller dies. go slow and easy as not to break anything!

Broaching is a very common task in machine shops, one example is cutting a keyway inside a sprocket.

 Do you think it would be expensive to have an inch and a quarter 24 point spline socket made up?


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