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Printer is ready to start! I am going ahead with the order in the morning, and will take payment when you are able by cash, M.O. , check, or Paypal to Paypal payments should be sent as "Tshirt Donation" or "gift". Others send payment to:
Noel C Hankamer
1711 W Willis St
Alvin, Texas 77511
I am sticking by the $20 each shipped price, and will get the 3X and 4X and Talls if possible.
Here is the list as of 7-25-
Branson                1 Large             Paid
Jimwrench              1 XL               Paid
fflintsone                1 4XL Tall
Stanley62                  2 XL               Paid
KenW                     1 Large           Paid
Mrchuck                  2 XL               Paid
Fliffy42                    1 Large          Paid
64longstep             1 XXL Tall       Paid
BRwrench                1 Large         Paid
Rusty                      1 Large
Gibson tool              2 XXL Tall       Paid
m_fumich                 1 4XL
Bunger                     1 XXL            Paid
Bonneyman              1 XL Tall        Paid
Keykeeper                1 XXXL
johnsironsanctuary    1 XXl

I will take one (1) XL Tall if possible.
XL if not.
paypal has been sent!

Put me down for one- 3XL please.

Check's in the mail...

(1) XXL for me, thanks, standard length, NOT Tall


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