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unknown saw
« on: July 04, 2011, 04:57:17 PM »
 Found this saw hanging on my shop wall today(been there a while). Blade is 12 inchs long and saw is 12 tpi. No markings except dogbone design on wing nut. Have seen this on wrenchs but not saws. Pin with wingnut is captive in handle and I see no evidence of how it was assembled. Handle could have been split but see no seam. The other pin is standard saw pin. The second hole on back side is blind and shows no evidence of having held a medallion(no impression in wood).
My questions are: Who made it? How is captive pin assembled? What is its intended usage? Any info or guess appreciated.
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Re: unknown saw
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2011, 12:18:06 PM »
I don't know who made this saw either. Probably Peace or Bishop or any one of 1/2 doz other contemporary saw makers.
 Its a handle and the crosscut blade from a nest-o-saws. The blade has been docked off short. Should have been maybe 16" long. It originally would have had a rip blade, several keyhole blades, maybe a floor saw blade for starting cuts in the middle and maybe a plumber's blade for cutting nail embedded wood.

 The T-bone slots in the blade are for some adjustment of angle. 
 Disston used something like heavy saw teeth on theirs so the blade could swing and lock though a wide array of angles.
  Saw nests often came in a couple of series. The plain with less blades and the deluxe with more blades and a better handle. Yours was from a deluxe set as shown by the full horns and the chip carving. 

 I am slowly building up a full Disston saw nest. I have most blades now, (still looking for a couple of early pattern blades in better shape though) and 2 different patterns of canvas cover to re-create. (Both the covers are just rags but there is enough to go on and I can sew.)
I have 3 of 4 original handles but I wanted a fancier one so I carved this from rosewood some time back.


 yours Scott