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Japanese copy of the Handee Wrench
« on: May 06, 2011, 01:57:48 PM »
I found this wrench this morning at a local flea market. It appears to copy the design principles first laid out in J. Sisolak's patent for the Handee "Universal Wrench" of January 26, 1926. This wrench is later, I estimate no later than 1960, and is somewhat longer, 9 7/8" vs. the 7.5 " Handee.  Also, this wrench has 12-point openings vs. the Handee's 6-point openings. To the Japanese designer's credit, the openings were stamped on either side of "Japan". No company name is stated on this wrench, which means it was either produced fairly early in the post-war period, or it was made for an American company which never stamped its name on the wrench.
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Re: Japanese copy of the Handee Wrench
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Is this type of wrench called a dogbone wrench, I dont think Ihad seen one until I found this site and have admired them but tell me wouldnt there be a big chance of slipping = OUCH
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