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Yeah, I have no issues getting them downloaded. I use the 8M F setting which is the highest quality the camera allows and then after to USB download, MY PICTURES keeps the new photos highlighted so I can immediately resize them for TT and/or ebay.  I have shot several test shots in both macro and regular format and can't tell much difference.  If I'm going for a logo or something really small, it's a no-brainer, but the 2-4' away shots is where it gets nebulous.

Also, how do you folks add text under each individual photo?  That one is escaping me and I hate running a long line of tool descriptions when I could be sticking that right under the picture.....if I knew how.



I use irfanview, a free photo manipulation software. Get it at . There are lots of other ways to do it, I'm sure.

I also use IrfanView for photo manipulation and for adding text when needed. It's one  of the better freebies out there. There are quite a few tutorials for the various tasks available by googling "irfanview add text to pictures" for example. If you are looking for something with more capabilities like on the PhotoShop level, there is GIMP. It's a deep program, does pretty much all that photoshop can do. It has a bit of a steep learning curve for some of the fancy stuff but there are lots of tutorials available for it too. It is also free.
I don't' know if there is a good solution for the 2 to 4 foot distance when photographing small objects... except to get closer.

I was having no difficulty opening pictures I had attached until about a month ago. Now, when I click on "Microsoft Office Picture Manager (default)" to open one of my photo attachments I get a screen with many photos on it.  In order to see one of my photos, I now have to click on "Other", then scroll down to "Windows Photo Gallery", select it, then click again to view my photo full size.  I don't know how to change the default to "Windows Photo Gallery".  This is a PITA.

Try this to get back to Picture Manager-
‘Microsoft Office Picture Manager’ as the name states, it is a part of Office that you own. It is an application which is normally found under ‘Microsoft Office Tools’.


If you want to set ‘Microsoft Office Picture Manager ’ as default then the steps below will help you with the same.

1)   Right click on one of the pictures

2)   Click on ‘Open With > Choose Default Program’

3)   Now click on  ‘ Microsoft Office Picture Manager’ once to choose it

4)   Ensure to have a check mark in the box ‘Always use the selected program to open this kind of file’

5)   Click OK


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