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 Got a Crane Puller Co.puller at auction yesterday. Interesting design that was new to me. No.103 locking arm puller is cast on one arm but main body has 102 number. Don't know which is model number and which is part number. Says patented but didn't turn up any patents for this company. Literature I find seems to put it in early 1920's. Anyone have any info or experience with this puller?

never seen one.

nor heard of the brand

looks like an adjustable puller for use in a shop, not  necessarily for a specific task.

nice find

 Some of the early advertising I found promoted the idea that it was a multi purpose puller. They also made a three arm puller.

Really good looking puller!!
I like the locking feature. This is a scarce feature in a beam puller.
 yours Scott

wonder why they don't make them like that anymore, great design & function...
you would think if something works, it would still be made...


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