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Eifel Geared Plierench brochure

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Scan(s) of a brochure that came with an old Eifel plier-wrench I bought. It was heavily soaked with oil, hence the "see-thru" effect on some of the pages.

First time I've been able to read one of those.

Very interesting Plyerman! Thanks for posting this!

Thank you plierman!  Good old advertising copy, and ... Who knew these did so many jobs?  Now we both need to find the rest of the jaws for our Geared PlieRench Kits.  Looks like you have the pipe jaw,  while I have the 4 way groove jaw.

WOW! Thanks Plyerman.  Reading this was like listening to the gadget pitchmen at the woodworkers show.  This guy knew how to pitch a product. "Corner grips hold as if welded on.....". Thanks for the scans.

Branson, there is no I in Plyerman.


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