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Papaw, Thanks that TT is up and running again.  HOORAY
On the old forum all posts were in my time  and I could figure out the time of the poster if I needed to!
At the moment I'm seeing US west coast time?
Can I change It? and if so how?

The time zone is that of the server at the host, which is in California. I have looked into getting it fixed so a member can set the time zone in the profile, but don't see a way to do that at this time.
Just one of the little things needed to learn with this different bulletin board software.

Click on Profile near the top of the screen to the right of Home. At the new screen go to Modify Profile this will be the under the row of options where Profile is. Hovering over Modify Profile will give a drop down menu select Look and Layout. The new screen will show Time Offset as the third item down. Auto detect will select automatically or you can manually insert the time offset. Make sure to click on the Change Profile button at the bottom of the page to record the change.

Thanks J.A.F.E.
Followed your instructions worked perectly!


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