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I now have hats! Same color as the shirts with and embroidered logo. These are nice hats with a clasp adjustment, not velcro.

Shipped to you for #17.50 each, or $2.50 less per additional cap if more than one is ordered. PM me with your order, pay by Paypal to , or mail cash, check, or money order to:
Noel Hankamer
1711 W. Willis St.
Alvin, Texas 77511-5775

It seems there is not much demand for the hats. Is the price too high?

Papaw not for that Quality no.  I'll take 2.

I would like one but I won't be able to send you the money until after the 14th...

My hat arrived here today.
It is of the highest quality and fits perfectly.
The "clasp -type adjuster is SO MUCH BETTER than the type that has a bunch of holes in the back strap that always break or dis-integrate.

I have a history of wearing a baseball cap that has "fuzzed edges, stains, faded and dis-colored",, but to me this shows comfort and loyalty.
I am sure this will be my favorite at weddings and such,, until it gains the "worn and wisdom" character. Then it qualifies for mud bogs, and city council meetings.
THANKS Noel, for getting the top of the top quality!!.   mc


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