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Unusual Right Angle Screwdriver

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Found this at the flea, no visible markings. Universal joint, right angle screwdriver. I'm guessing it is for automotive use? Possibly carburetor adjustments?

Bill Houghton:
seems bulky for most of the carbs I'm familiar with.  Awkward looking thing.

Hello, Bill. The mechanism on the screwdriver is smooth as silk!!

Hi Lou,  what size is the blade?  Maybe that will help narrow down application.  It does look awkwad for carb adjustment.  But it makes sense to have the screwdriver held firm by handle 1 while turning handle 2.  I have some actual carb adjusting tools but they are hard to keep engaged in the screw.

john k:
Be good for distributor point adjustment on GM distributors with the window.  1957-early 70s. 


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