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Yankee and Yankee Clones - Hand Drills

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You don't realize you have a problem until you have everything collected together.  Cbviously Yankee and Yankee style hand drills.  From left to right:
1) Goodall -Pratt
2) Goodall - Pratt
3) Stanley Yankee
4) Stanley Yankee
5) Stanley Yankee Bell Systems
6) Millers Falls
7) Dunlap (Sears)
8) Craftsman
9) Craftsman
10) Penncraft
11) Penncraft

I don’t see a problem.

Nice collection!

Bill Houghton:
Not complete until you've got some North Bros. push drills - the originator of the Yankee brand name.  North Bros. was acquired by Stanley in 1946, and Stanley adopted their designs without much, if any, changes.

john k:
Now it the power goes out, how else would you drill a hole?   Ok, with a brace drill, or egg-beater drill, or one of the many other contrivances.   Having a set of bites right in the handle is handy.  Somewhere under the bench is box of spares, 6, or 7, may a few more.  On the bench is my trusty Goodell & Pratt push drill, plus my most recent purchase, that is cleaned and oiled,  ready to be tried out.   I love to show newbies how to get at the bits.


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