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A late Xmas present


So my son comes over to cut firewood and visit  the last week of January and says "Merry Christmas". huh?  He got these from the foundry he works at. Many years ago they must have had a pattern maker working there. The boss said give them to your "dad" he will love them. I do!
3" - 24" no name. I've since  scrubbed them and gave then a coat of wax. Now to find a spot to hang them!


I agree, Nice!

I'm thinking a wood strip 1 by 3 and 4  finish nails, mount it vertically? two screws to hold hopefully to a stud in the wall.
 I've been getting quizzed on casting imperfections. I've never seen in person a molding line. But I've figured 2 different problems they fixed. Inclusions in parts and parts being out of spec. My answer was  look for holes in the  sand screens, yep replaced that. Some place in the machine it has a flat  surface for the match plate is worn. Yep they replaced that and  back in specs again. I've done a lot of sand casting, but it's almost all done by hand. Same rules apply!


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