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Little bitty post vise

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Bought a small, small unmarked post vise yesterday--and sold it right away for 10X so do not have a picture.
It was about 8 or 9 inches tall, including the post (really) and had 1 1/2" or so jaws.
It had a coil spring to hold the jaws open (they had a cross hatch pattern) and a pad with 4 holes for attaching it to a bench.
Can find nothing even remotely like it on the web.
Likely built for a hobby.  It did not appear precise enough for a gunsmith or jeweler.
Any thoughts?

pics or it didn't happen ( just kidding).  :grin:

I'm beginning to wonder, myself.
I had no camera at the time, and it was sold within the hour. 
Maybe it was an estate sale back yard delusion?
Have you ever seen such a thing?

Bill Houghton:
I've seen pictures of an example of a post-type vise with a clamp on base; so they're out there, I guess, but none has swum into my net yet (still waiting, along with a baby bullet, Parker, Athol, etc.)

Along that line, a local guy did a sale of his crowded garage, and he had the cutest little leg vise I've ever seen.  I don't have space, or it would have followed me home.

Here is a "little", make that tiny, leg vise. Everything works too. All brass, 3/8 ln. jaws.



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