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My old plane stanley


gary s:
Pat. Jan 30-83
Pat. Oct. 23-82
No. 7 8
Don't know much about it or what year it's from never looked it up.

Hello, gary s. Looks like you are missing a few pieces. Fence, rod, and thumbscrew ( left side ) , depth stop and thumbscrew (right side).

gary s:
Thanks I don't know much about it and here I thought I had a good one so do they have 2 cutting blades on them I found a site on year when made by the numbers 7 8 was 1892 to 1902 but no pictures of it.

It's still a good one, they are quite often found with the same pieces missing! Yours is a good start , ( good bones ), especially if there are no cracks in the casting!!!

gary s:
No Crack at all its really in nice shape thanks for info.


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