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Are they called monkey wrench or ?


gary s:
Just wanted  to show.

gary s:
Sorry picture not that great.

The Walco is a pipe wrench and the other two are auto wrenches. The Walco has the date manufactured on the handle.

Nice pieces.  The auto wrenches appear in very good condition.  They are especially useful for bicycle repairs - the crank bearing adjuster nut and the steering bearing adjuster nut.  I also use them often for bending things.

Bill Houghton:
That configuration of auto wrench was a standard issue for Ford cars for many years (marked, "Ford"); some people call them Ford wrenches, although, properly, it's only a Ford wrench if it says Ford on it.  It's like kleenex - a brand name that wound up covering the entire category.

Some folks also call them monkey wrenches, although in my opinion that's misnaming them.  If you wander around the General Discussion forum, you'll find examples of monkey wrenches (which are NOT used in monkey maintenance).


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