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Craftsman Electric Circular Saw

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I picked this up in an auction.  I’ve had a desire to try restoring this saw to some level of use.  It is a tank. Case and all it weighs a few ounces shy of 30 pounds.  It desperately needs a new cord.  Taking cues from prior strings here I won’t try it until I replace the cord.  Feedback on other first steps welcome.

Bill Houghton:
If I recall correctly, that saw was made by a company with "flooring" in the name.  The top handle will work well only if you're over the work being cut - so it would make sense to have been built by a flooring company (assuming my memory is correct; any more, my forgettory is a bit stronger).

Mine is a lighter duty model of around the same vintage. I found it in 2020 in a neighbor’s shed slated for demolition. The cord was in bad shape so I replaced it. It had some hidden treasures in the bottom of the box.

john k:
Those aluminum castings sure shine up well.

Thanks everyone for the info.


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