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Jacobs SS 1/4" Chuck and handle


Model 12:
I'm always looking for those increasingly rare, vintage Jacobs Chucks. I got a big hammer drill with a 5/8" spindle and I keep an eye out for that 33BA 5/8, which is a 1/2" chuck, but threaded 5/8-16. I reckon I'd be happy enough finding a 33BA 1/2 chuck.
It goes without saying that Made In USA is a strict requirement. If I ever see SHEFFIELD that would be fine by me.
One day I ran across this 1/4" chuck. Engraved with following:


This SS T-Handle was included. At the time, I couldn't have cared less about that.
I suppose there's enough need for this chuck alone. But this set up is specifically for Orthopedic Surgery; intended for hand drilling into bone for threading in screws and such to fix together fractures. I reckon it's a slow process. Maybe they lean on it some.
Figured on using it as a hand tool with a serious grip to it, making use of the forearm instead of finger tips and wrist.
I don't care much for always relying on my impact driver for working on power tools. I like the hand tools, cause they're easy on the screws. Some of them things are "Discontinued"; interchangeable with the term "Obsolete".
Seems they aren't using "Obsolete" so much. Perhaps it's cause so many said that it may be obsolete for you, but it ain't for me. Hell fire, I got all sorts of tools that work just fine and ain't that old yet parts are already "No Longer Available".
Anyway, once that impact driver rounds out that screw head, it's a fair assumption a bolt extractor is on the horizon.
NO chuck key was anywhere to be seen. But I figured it was a short coming that could be resolved at a later date. Seems later than that even. So I finally got myself this Pin Spanner that fits this 1/4" chuck.I do have to lock the Sleeve; part with the engraving, in the vise.
The T-Handle threads into the 1BM Chuck with precision. Still, if challenged with minimal resistance of loosening a screw, it  starts backing on out of there.
I laced the threads with Loctite. 


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