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Old Case tractor manuals

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Black Betty:
Can someone please explain to me why I can't find many exact matches online of the old original Case tractor manuals I have? I have tried every way possible that I can think of to find them on the internet so I can price them and sell them but not have a whole lot of luck. Here are of a few that I'm having trouble with... The 300 series tractor, the 730-830 Comfort King Draft-o-matic tractor, and the 530 series tractor all published by the same company. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe nobody is selling them . pretty low demand.

Try " Smokestak" forum

Have you tried ebay for pricing?  I see an original 730 830 operator manual for $23.  You have to scroll thru the results but you can usually find comparable items that will help you figure out what to charge.

Black Betty:
Thanks for the suggestions. I was using eBay quite a bit but found myself scrolling forever trying to find the right one. I have a ton of tractor manuals, think I'm going to have to find a different way to go about selling them. They're not worth the headache. 🫤

I agree, I have stacks of really cool old paper , but no one is buying.

I assume its because you can find the info on line.

another old school idea who's time has passed



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