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These are starting to multiply!


From a local estate, my old JR. High school homeroom & science teacher had passed. He must have had 100's of them. One is a anvil vise, not sure if it is the same as the 2 broken ones on my list of things to do. These are in the 5-10 pound size.Some one was putting some work into a piece of rr track, that chunk of tool steel? added  will make a good anvil.

There was a yard sale, maybe still going on, where they had a tray full of mini anvils for $5 each.  I would have gone just for one of those but it is quite a long way from home.

john k:
If it were me, one would go home with me.  The anvil vises are pretty thin, more of a novelty.   1 or 2  of the 10 lb ones if you have the bench room would all you would ever use.  For serious blacksmithing anything less than 75 lbs just wont do the job, even less than 125 lbs is considered light. 

my big anvil is 175/6 pounds, that anvil vise is my favorite but I don't have  a good spot to mount it?
I know my wife has spent more than 5$ a piece on the smaller anvils. I think there is a post in the 6" and under for the little anvils.
She has already asked when I was going to pour brass and how many could I make copies of....


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