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Penens Corp Combination Wrenches - Updated

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Looking to complete a set of Penens combo wrenches.  If anyone has some extras, I'm in need of a bunch.  It appears to be a 16 wrench set and I currently have 4 of them.  Wrenches don't have to me in unused condition but I do want them to be decent as they will go on display in my shop.  Attached pic courtesy of ebay.  Here's what I need:

6108  1/4
6110  5/16
6116  1/2
6122  11/16
6128  7/8
6132  1
6134  1-1/16
6136  1-1/8
6140  1-1/4


That set is sold.  Plus I'm trying to avoid ebay for the most part.

I know I have some but I couldn't find them today, I'll look again, they gotta be here someplace.

Ok.  Thanks!


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