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Leather working tool?????

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This tool was in a box lot and I'm not sure what it does.  I figure it should have a wood handle.  Looks like you place it on something and pound on the end with a hammer to mark it.

I think you are right the other tool that is similar is for  horse dentist, file teeth down. The file teeth are  like a lead / vixen file. Had one years ago thought it was for lead work.

Bill Houghton:
Or, if not a horse dentist, a specialized riffler for some application.

Rifflers, which come in both file (this picture) and rasp forms:

Gunsmiths's or plane maker's float?

The leather working related tool you are thinking of is called a shoe peg float.  There are a few different kinds of teeth.  Most of the shoe peg floats or rasp have a higher angle on the shank.  They all had wooden handles like a file.  They were used to file off the wooden shoe pegs that on the inside of the boot or shoe that were used instead of nails on mariner's or other waterproof footwear.  After filing them down, the insole would be put in.  There is a very good write up in Salaman's Dictionary of Leather-Working Tools book.

Because of the angle, I will go with a horse tooth file or rasp.


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