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The guy i generally work with recycling stuff at our restore brought me this the other day as someone had decided it wasn't getting sold and put it in our scrap bin.   i finally got around to hitting it with the brass wheel and cleaned it up a bit (and no, rust is NOT patina).

Bill Houghton:
Nice!  Fulton wasn't the first line of tools, but often, in those days, "second line" quality was as good as a lot of today's "first line."

If you do much work with a drawknife in the field, those folding handles can be quite handy.

Nice rescue!!

Is the patent number too far gone to read?  I assume that it would be for the folding handles, but would be interesting to find out.  No matter, its still a great find.


--- Quote from: lptools on September 09, 2021, 05:46:37 AM ---Nice rescue!!

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+1 :grin:


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