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some small anvils and other mini tools


Glad to see the website back up and running!From a local auction, I had to re-glue the  display cabinet.
Some are  really cool other more like trinkets.

Very cool.  I never see these little anvils at estate sales, but I keep looking for them.

I have quite a few of them but like yadda says, have never found them at estate/garage sales. Most I’ve gotten at auctions or occasionally from tool dealers I know. Once in awhile at an antique shop.


These came from a local guy who collected them. He even made some. He was a jr high school teacher, local rodeo clown and blacksmith. Sadly he passed away in the winter. We had gotten summer sausage from him in fall. There are 2 more flats with anvils but the wife had them buried. A month earlier she had found a small J Deere  1938 in a junk pile, I cleaned it in the electrolysis tank. Gave it a coat of semigloss  clear and she sold it to a friend real fast. So she thinks these are gold! I know he cast some cause I was there, even showed him the letters to make them "special" (personalize) I made a couple of them too over the years. I made one for my farmer buddy Roy Rasp R.I.P.  handed it to him, plain side  oh did he think it was cute. He about cried when he turned it around and seen his name cast into the mini anvil. Damn, all these good guys are gone!


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