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Starrett Blacksmith Hammer?

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Mike H:
Picked this up 25th July
It is just under 14" Overall length
The Head is 5-34" Length
                    1" Width
                    1" Height
Weight 1 Lb 6 Oz.
My best guess is a Blacksmith Hammer
I have seen that S in a circle mark somewhere
but can't recall where. I saw the Starrett Hammer with
magnifying glass on the internet but that's quite a different animal.

Bill Houghton:
Or a tinner's hammer.  Starrett seems unlikely.

Mike H:
+1 on Starrett being unlikely maker for this tool;
the more I think about the S in Circle
this may have been a completely non-tool related logo/mark
that I saw.

Looks more Stanley quality then Starrett

I posted a wrench with the same logo a long while back, we never did figure it out!!


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