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What is this cutter?


Hefty aluminum handle cutting tool.  The knob unscrews to remove or adjust blade.  The blade is 1/8" thick, both ends are ground to point on both sides, angle end and rounded end.  No markings at all on blade or holder. 


Yes.  If we don't know what it is - its either for leatherworking or a nutcracker!  Maybe its a nutcracker?  Smash the nut with heavy handle then pick out the nutmeat with the blade end.  But really, it could be for leather.  The blades aren't ground like a knife, it's too wide an angle.  And if it was a scraper it would only be ground on one side.

Seems it would be hard to use as a scraper. A scribe, or some sort of marking knife?

From the shape of the ends, it looks like a lathe tool.


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