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Rotting garage rescue....continued
« on: June 07, 2021, 09:25:29 PM »
I overhauled a beat up lawn tractor for my neighbor.  I did not charge labor - only parts.  She paid for most of the parts but there was some overage. I suggested that she could trade me the overage for some tools from her leaking garage, therby saving her some money.  Her husband is pretty much done with using tools so she said sure, take what you want.  Some of the tools are rusty but others were still nice.

The plastic Craftsman tool box is empty but has a Mack bulldog bolted to the top.  The two best things in this photo are the vise grip clamp and a Snap-On wobble drive extension.  Never seen a wobble drive like this - push the socket on the first step and its a wobble drive; push it up another notch and it locks into a square piece and acts like a straight extension.  Curious brand Japan 1" wrench - "Ranch Rite". 

Knipex pliers (cleaned up well enough) and a nice small vise grip. 

Here you can see the Snap-On wobble/non wobble drive - the knurled extension on the right. The 4" adjustable is a Klein, rusted solid - I will see if I can get it to free up.

I ran this thru the washing machine before my wife got home! It came out nice.

Here's an interesting comparison of Knipex and recently acquired Rothenberger pliers both made in Germany.

More stuff from the back of the garage.  I knew there had to be a toolbox because we already had the tray.  There's a chain saw filer tool I would like to try.  A Craftsman ignition wrench set that might clean up OK.  Red Devil scraper in good shape.  Milwaukee heat gun.  And a Taiwan bench grinder that works. 

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