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Thank you Noel(pawpaw)

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I was just on fb an heard the news. I can’t fathom but would like to say thank you to Noel. Years ago cliff directed to me noels site(Before the crash). It got me started in collecting old tools an noel was always a good freind to me. Helped me in many ways An cant say enough good about him. He will be missed.

Noel Clyde Hankamer passed away Aoril 6. RIP

john k:
Noel shared his story of being in East Africa  in the Peace Corps, (children of Kennedy).   Then riding a Honda motorcycle from there across the middle east into eastern Europe,  dodging a war, riots, and insurrection, to arrive back in Texas.  He shared his photography skills.  Then welcomed the old tools crowd in here.  Noel, thank you.

RIP Noel your knowledge, friendship and insight will be missed by all that had the pleasure of interacting with you.

Here is the online obituary.


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