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Craftsman 150 drill press 11324511 belts


I have this old craftsman drill press 150 / 11324511 was given to me in good working order use it a lot.
I notice that it needs two belts it has a three belt pulley system trying to find a belt replacement for it but they all show one belt system in all the places I look
One belt reads 1/2x27x1458 the other one I can't tell numbers are gone off the belt
Please help if you can

Try finding the user manual online.

Bill Houghton:
Look here:

Hello, Tman914. Have you thought about an aftermarket Link Belt?   (I think that is the right term, or, the brand name) They are a little pricey, may not have the look you want, but you can custom build a belt to length. And welcome to the Forum!! Regards, Lou

Thanks for the replies I'll look and see I’m  going to take them and see what I can do


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