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Hello y'all.  Just joined and by complete coincidence came across this site. I bought a drill a while back and finally came around to using it and it happen to have low power output. Online research was very limited and not helpful for me to figure out much on it. The tool in question here is a speedway meteor drill. I did read some of the threads here and I can greatly appreciate the knowledge and input from the members.  Looking forward to learning from the forum.

Howdy from Houston!

Welcome from the Missouri Ozarks.  First or all, wiring in old tools if often in poor condition and can short out and zap you, so use it in a ground fault circuit.  First thing to check is the condition of the brushes.

Thanks Yadda. Hope all is well and good in Houston. Which reminds me, currently in Jacksonville, NC due to military but originally from Los Angeles.

Good point made coolford. By the way I'm waiting on the new season of Ozarks to come out, good series so far. I'll have a chance later this weekend to open up the drill and see the condition of things in there.

good to see you on the forums from beautiful ohio.   sorry i don't know anything useful about your drill. 


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