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My sister (yes! sister!) has picked up artisan blacksmithing lately. Lately as in two years ago. We all thought that it was just a phase but no! She is fully dedicated and slowly starting to think about making blacksmithing her main job. So with Christmas on the horizon I would love to buy her something appropriate. What can I pick? What would you love to get as a blacksmith? I have a vague idea about a whole thing so I don't know what to look at. So far I was looking at special aprons but then I decided to come and ask you guys. You know more about it than I do!

Hello, Congratulations to your sister for pursuing a skilled trade.  I am not a blacksmith, so I can't help with specifics. I would check with her for specific tools, or, shop equipment, she is probably still building her tool inventory!!

May I suggest something? I'm have no financial ties with this man but have known and respected his work for more than 20 years. His name is Uri Hofi,  he is close to 90 now, he has had a leg amputated. But he still goes to the shop and makes hammers and tongs almost every day.  I'm 25 years younger and would have a heck of a time keeping up with him. Will never catch up on his knowledge, not even come close. One of his hammers and her knowing his story might keep her going as she grows in the craft. Going to have to google his name and see who sell his tools, he is on facebook you can add him as friend if he hasn't gone over the limit yet.

Books, videos, dvds.
What sorts of things does she want to make?

I think your idea of an apron is great.


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