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Valve refacer?


john k:
Found this at a junk shop last week.  Looks to be a poor mans engine valve refacer.  Spin the valve stem with an electric drill?  Anyone think otherwise.  Seen very little use, original red paint most all there.   So successful it got tossed in a drawer shortly after purchased?   No name or numbers, a sure indication of the level of quality, eh?  State your guesses

That's a neat device. If it is a valve refacer it seems like it should have a way to reface the stem of the valve also.  Maybe there are other cutter blades?  I really like it. Great find.

Yes, it is a valve refacer.  There is a handle that is clamped on the valve stem to turn the valve against the carbide cutter.  For the most part, it is used in the third world. 

[ ] is the patent for the Albertson "SIOUX" valve tool of this type.


--- Quote from: mvwcnews on November 23, 2020, 02:07:53 PM ---[ ] is the patent for the Albertson "SIOUX" valve tool of this type.

--- End quote ---

Here it is.   
I have a couple of Albertson Souix 1/2" female ratchets, No. 775 made from laminated steel.  Copper screws hold hard rubber handle pads.
I never thought of their being really scarce, but I could not find them on AA or Google Image search.


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