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FHT tire hammer?


marked FHT, never heard of them?To me it looks like a tire hammer with a rubber end to beat a tire when mounting it.

Freight Harbor Tools??? No? (Sorry).  I did find a site with a FHT hammer for sale, Jim Bode Tools. Maybe he knows something about HFT?

I saw that copper end hammer, I was hoping some one had an old ad or seen it in a catalog. I believe it's a tire hammer it came from a small garage that mounted tires  among everything else.

I think it's a sheet metal bumping hammer. I'll have to check my body hammers, but IIRC the FHT brand was a budget import line that was sold through many outlets. Mine was ordered from JC Whitney as part of a set back in the late 70s.

Confirmed -- the hammer is part of a body panel set that was sold by JCW back in the day.


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