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Ace screwdrivers

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john k:
ACE hardware screwdrivers been popping up lately.   Seem to be about 1950 vintage.  Got them to use as my Snap-On black handles are going away fast.

Who was the manufacturer for those Ace drivers?

Nice. Haven’t seen too many like that. Looks like some of the Fuller Screwdrivers I have.

Okay, this is amazing. But the most important question can I buy such a setting somewhere? Auction House? eBay? Website? My husband was going on and on about how he had a set of Ace screwdrivers when he was young, he got them from his Pa and the whole story ensued. I would give almost anything to be able to get him a set of those now. Please, please let me know if it is doable.

Welcome to Tool Talk !

I see a few singles from the 50s on Ebay. Search


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