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john k:
Today we went into the city for the weekly outing.   First stop was the Habitat home store.  Soon made my way to the tool shelves.  Big tangle of corded hand drills,  gremlins been busy winding cords together.  Oddball battery stuff there too, but I had spied some shiny aluminum case tools down in there.  First pulled up a 1940s Craftsman 1/4 inch drill.  No trigger switch on this, on off is a toggle just above the place the thumb rides.  Seemed to work ok, but the bearings in the reduction case growled pretty bad.  Another early Craftsman 1/4 with a D handle looked to be ok, except for a lot of hard friction tape wrapped around it.  Digging deeper I uncovered another 1/4 inch drill with a D handle on the back. On off is a slide switch on top the D handle.  Good shape, heavy round motor body,  real quiet operating.  Metal name plate, Spiegel, Chicago Ill.   110 volt,AC orDC.   $7,  so yeah it came home with me.  Also bought a Millers Falls mitre box, cast iron, which dont need, but was too nice to leave behind.

sound like a good save on both accounts.   You probably meant "don't need it right now"   :tongue: :grin:

Bill Houghton:
I imagine that Spiegel drill was badge-engineered for the store or mail order catalog by one of the power tool makers.

--- Quote from: john k on October 28, 2020, 11:49:09 PM ---...which dont need...
--- End quote ---
I may have mentioned here before that the operator of a local estate sale place says she hates to hear the word "need."  She far prefers to hear customers say "want."

john k:
Am sure it was rebranded.  But is the first Spiegel tool I have seen.   Searching their catalogs online show they offered several groups of homeowner tools.


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