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old battery terminal tool repair

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Cast iron welded, Peterson's welding flux, henrob/dillon/cobra torch.I didn't think we were going to get any welding done. Used the "B" tank air/acetylene for soldering earlier. Turned the oxy/acetylene on both Meco regulators crapped out differently. But I had my old Sears / Craftsman circa 1975, ox reg was rebuilt in the early 80's. They worked fine.
My son was here so I did the 1st one then he did the second. rigging and jigging the items took longer than welding and brazing. He always said I never show him anything, wrong he wasn't watching.

Still have to clean them up but they are one piece again.

Nice job!!

Great save.

Jigging up can be pia, specially small stuff.  Then your eyes gotta work too. nice job, oh yea your drops look like mine. :grin:


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