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Auto Kit 100 wrench

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I am looking for an Auto Kit 5/16' x 7/16"  to complete a set . Also interested in other sizes or complete sets.

Hello, papaw. I looked through the Auto Kit wrench drawer, and was unable to find that size, maker. Regards, Lou

Thanks for looking, Lou ! i have posted on several platforms and hope someone has one. One guy on Ebay has one, but wants $11.50 for it. If I don't find one, I may buy that one. I have made him a couple of offers, but he won't come down. To be honest, I want it to complete a set to sell, and that price ruins any profit margin.

I had a look thru my spares but no luck with that size.

Good grief.  Turns out that I have a complete set and two extras of your 5-7/16. No. 100.

I'll be happy to send it your way.  Can I just send it to your Alvin, TX address?


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