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Rockwell 503 Heavy Duty Belt Sander

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I picked this up today from a marketplace ad. Rockwell 503 HD 3 x 24 Belt Sander. Runs great, needs a new cord, and a thorough cleaning. I haven't opened up the gear case yet, and still need to check the oil!! Belt tension lever and tracking mechanism seem to be okay, platen is a little rough, but it has potential!! Hard to find these in good condition, and with the proper dust bag and fitting!!!

And minimal plastic. They don't make them like that anymore!

Very cool! I found an old craftsman sander at a flea market for $5 and it’s works great! Based on your post, I probably should clean it and check the oil.

Hello, Guys. Thanks!! The oil was hard to find, but I was able to purchase a couple bottles from Menards. Skilsaw 80111. There are probably other oils that will work, but this was recommended by a Porter Cable Tech!!

What a beautiful beast! Looks like a diesel train.


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