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Mike H:
I found a piece of angle iron at a garage sale a few months ago.
Decided right off to try and make an ASO out of it; bought an angle grinder
and have about completed roughing out the shape. So I thought I would
call the local metal vendor and get an idea what a piece of A2 tool steel
to make a face / work surface for the project would cost. Size I asked to be quoted-
4 1/2" x 13" x 1" (thick) Price=$400.00 plus shipping
Can this be within the confines of reality?
Was bracing myself to pay that kind of money for an old welder (if I could get real lucky)
Can justify outlay of funds for a welder due to other projects it could be used on.
Guess I need to find a scrap yard that sells metal around here. Most of the places are recyclers
that buy only. Alternative thoughts welcome; only striking surface I have now is on the back
of a small Wilton vise. It has a seam right down the middle of it?

Hello, Mike. I think the odd size comes into play. Most places sell by the foot, or. 1/2 foot, so you are probably getting a quote for the next size up. 4-1/2 is also tough, most places sell in whole numbers. You need to dig a little deeper, don't let one quote scare you off!! Try ebay, or even Amazon!!!  McMaster Carr has a 1/2 x 4 x 12 for $92.00. Good luck, Lou

if you have a railroad near you, take a short walk along the track, Yes I know it trespassing and you could get run over by a train. They will not give a piece of track when replacing old track but there might be one left behind for you to find. Also pick up old spikes as they are handy for new blacksmith's wanting to make  knife and tool projects.

Mike, take a look at the link below. It may save you some money and you’ll have a real anvil. Lot of reviews to read.

Good luck, Mike

On the amazon page under the one noted it shows a 55# for $99. I have that one and have been using it for years, well worth the cost.


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