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Hello, Many thanks to Al aka. amecks for a generous donation of 2 of the  3 missing wrenches from this Barcalo set. The 2 at top are the new additions, 7/16 x 1/2, and a 3/4X 7/8. Regards, Lou

That's a nice set of wrenches. I have a couple of Barcalo set but I have not seen that particular version before. Any idea what year those were offered?

I believe that style of DOE wrenches was offered from the early ‘50s until around 1960. Although I don’t have that exact DOE roll, I have a similar roll for combos and a smaller roll for DOE wrenches. Here are some of my Barcalo rolls.

Hello, Don. I was hoping you would chime in to help out gibsontool!!! Thanks, Lou

Hi Lou,
Unfortunately I missed this thread until recently or I might have been able to help with the missing wrenches. It’s nice that Al was able to provide the wrenches to complete the set.


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