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Hello, This is all from The American Legion Post Sale. The router is a Porter Cable/Rockwell. made in Pennsylvania. All of the rest are Porter Cable, made right here in Syracuse, NY. I haven't plugged anything in yet, just blew of the dust, checked for bare wires, will probably have to change 3 of the 4 power cords. I also need to open them up and check grease and oil levels.  Former owner was a contractor, so these were probably rode hard, and never saw an air nozzle. I will post pics after I get then running!! Regards, Lou

Nice looking older model tools, hope they all run good for you.

Nice collection.  Truthfully, they don't look as beat as a lot of newer tools i see.  Have fun! :smiley:

Thanks, guys!  I am going to wait until our local Porter Cable guy opens up on Tuesday, he knows these tools inside and out. I hope he has the power cords in stock!! I've already found them online, but I try to go local first!! Regards, Lou

Here is the Porter Cable 548 Bayonet Saw, new cord, gear case dis-assembled and new grease installed. Oil level where it belongs, this tool runs very well for its age, I wish that I could say the same for me!! :cheesy:


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