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Finally found a riveter cheap!

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Now I can gloat....
10$ for the flat (cardboard box)
3X riveter, air hammer, sped ratchet, 12 drivers  all CP
Haven't tried them, 1st thing I do is put air tool oil in them and let them soak! Although these are not as old as some of the other junk I buy, still need to oil them up so they are well lubricated.

You didn't get those cheap OG, you stole them. CP is supreme in air tools and even if they need resealing, it was a great grab.

tell us the difference between a riveter and an air hammer please


air chisel: cheaply made, poor control the hitting power. 

riveter: well made, good control of the hits throttling of the trigger /valve. 3X has a range of rivets it drives, important especially in aircraft work.

short description

Great score!

I've been taught, and only have done it the old fashioned way--with a ball peen hammer. Riveting in new blades on a sickle bar mower is a pain in the butt. Guess I've got an excuse to go find an air-powered riveter.


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