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F.D. Kees Mfg Co Corn Husker


Found this odd little thing at an estate sale today for $1. Being a city boy who only recently became a mountain man, I still had no idea what the heck this thing was. My 15 year old son called it a steam punk ninja weapon of some sort. I'll bet some of you as kids donned one of these things. F.D.Kees Mfg Co Twelve In One, Beatrice, NEB. pat Jan 12, 1904. A little Google searching showed me an original review for this corn husker. What a strange thing to show up in a little mountain town in Oregon.

look up corn husking contest, its big time. There r collectors 4 those, just like shock tyers.

Yeah, those corn husker collectors are a serious lot. I've went up against them before on old combination tools that "can also be used as a corn husker" and dropped out long before the bidding ended.


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