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Mattock maker info needed


As much as I've tried to avoid it, you can't live in the Pacific North West without tripping over axes, pics, saws, and all types of gold mining and forestry equipment. Every yard sale has them and usually quite cheap. Soooo... I'm trying to ID this $5 yard sale mattock. The only stamp I can make out is this shield. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like K22L

.....which doesn't show up on any old-tool internet searches I've tried. Hmmm.

Edit: or is that K21/2L     

Hah, might be on to something here. Check out this old Klein Logan catalog:

Yep, I think this might be yours here in a 1946 catalog

Yup, I think that's it as well. As always THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley:


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