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Sears/Craftsman SAE Tap and Die Set

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Jim C.:
A few weeks back, I bought the set of Sears Craftsman SAE taps and dies depicted below.  The tools themselves and the plastic case are in great condition for their age.  Based on the tools included, I'd estimate the set is probably from right around 1972.  Some of the tools have a pointed letter "A" in the word CR"A"FTSM"A"N and some have a flat top letter "A."  I wish I could say that I got a smoking hot deal on the set, but I didn't.  It was an eBay purchase where the seller accepted my best offer.  I paid a fair price for it.  Here's where things get interesting.  The set was described as "Complete."  Well it was complete, and from what I could see in the auction photos, everything looked good.  So, I made an offer, it was accepted, and a few days later the set arrived in the mail.  When I unpacked it, I was very pleased with what I initially saw.  I looked at every tool under a magnifying glass to make sure everything was vintage correct and undamaged.  Perfect......until I looked at the very last, and smallest tap in the set, the 4-40.  While EVERY other tool was stamped "Craftsman" and made in the USA, etc., the dead last tool I looked at, the 4-40 tap, was unmarked but for its size, which read, "4-40" and its origins, which read, "JAPAN."  Needless to say I was bummed.  Well, I had a few options.  I could contact the seller and complain.  The problem was that the set was described as "complete," which it was, and the seller never said all the tools were original to the set or all marked as Craftsman......and I didn't ask prior to making an offer.  I was sort of stuck with it.  My next option was to scour eBay looking for another vintage correct Craftsman 4-40 tap.  So, I searched eBay every day for about a week and realized it was going to be a tough tool to find.  My third, and best option, was to ask for help.  I thought about who I knew that might have the tap.  While a few guys came to mind, I had a feeling this one guy would likely have it.  The guy who collects everything.....coolford.  I reached out to him, he confirmed that he had exactly what I was looking for, and a few days later the tap was in my mailbox.  He gifted me the tap and truly helped me complete the set with the right tool.  I wanted to take a minute to thank him!  There‚Äôs a great tool enthusiast community here on this website.  It may not be the biggest, but it is absolutely the best.  Many thanks coolford!!

Jim C.     

Too cool, Coolford.   Thank you both for sharing that!   :smiley:

Jim---looks even better knowing everything is correct.  Check the Owatonna socket wrenches in wrench forum.

Jim C.:

YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!  Thank you again!

Jim C.

Nicely done, coolford.

One of my prized possessions is that exact tap and die set, purchased new by my father ~ 50 years ago.

The Kromedge taps and dies are excellent! - I now have 3 sets.


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