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Caille outboard motor wrench

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I thought that I would bump this old post from 2014. Still looking, other than a couple of hopeful responses from Bird, but nothing found to date, so here goes again. Now with a picture of the Caille motor.

Hello all, I have been looking for one of these for years. This wrench shows on the parts listings for the 1920 (ish) Caille Liberty Outboard motor. From the parts sheet illustration I'm guessing on the actual size being about 6 inch long. Also a guess that the big hex opening is 1 -1/8" , this based on the fact that that was a common size for the spark plug in use back then. Also a guess that this is a plain stamped wrench. The distinctive feature is the slot in the handle, again guessing that that was for use on the several wing nuts on this motor.
I'm looking to buy one... any chance that you have one kicking around? email at or PM me. Thanks for looking .

Joe B

That looks a lot like some of the Maytag wrenches, minus the slot.

Well, I'm still looking ! Must have been through a zillion boxes of flat wrenches at various garage and flea sales, but no luck as yet.  Keep an eye open for one for me , please.

Joe B

i was going to say i have a few of them,but just seems to cruel you have the motor?

Yes the photo is of my 1920 Caille Liberty Drive single. It is a running motor, we run the old outboards at the Antique Outboard Motor Club meets. The caille's were made in Detroit by the Caille Perfection Motor Co. 

Joe B


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